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If you live in Alloa or anywhere in Clackmannanshire, and are looking for a specialist in  Pain & Injury Diagnosis and treatment, Acupuncture, Sports Massage, Alternative Therapies and Massage contact Therapy Zone - Pain & Injury Clinic. We'll be happy to help you.

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We are a reputable, professional advanced provider of evaluation, management and treatment based in Alloa.   For a variety of painful conditions from back pain to sports injuries, visit our clinic. We use a professional yet friendly approach, and will provide you with a gentle and effective treatment, tailored to your needs. Whether you're suffering from acute pain following an injury or you have just undergone surgery, contact us. We assist people to live stress-free lives by helping them with a therapy that is suitable for them. 


About our massage therapist

Vanessa McGrath (DipST, MSST, DipMA) has over 20 years of experience in offering treatments for national and international athletes, multi sports enthusiasts and general members of the public. To find out more about our treatments and prices, get in touch with us.


A well-established clinic in Dunfermline

We offer treatments that are second to none. Whether you are looking for an Aromatherapy expert or you want a Swedish or Sports Massage, come to us. Our clinic is conveniently located, with parking very close to the clinic and we serve patients from Alloa and throughout Clackmannanshire.


Qualified and experienced staff

No matter what your requirement is, visit our clinic for expert advice and guidance. We offer a range of quality treatments and all our work is competitively priced. For more information on our therapies and treatments, get in touch with Therapy Zone - Pain & Injury Clinic today.

Non-Invasive Treatments

  • physio therapy

    Excellent, professional massages and soft tissue release 

  • acupuncture

    Alternative  Therapies: Aromatherapy, acupuncture, reflexology etc.

  • Physio tape

    Kinesio taping

  • exercise

    Postural and lifestyle advice

  • myofascial therapy

    Myofascial therapy  

  • Exercise Band

    Rehabilitative exercise management

Huge improvement after just one session. Was wearing a sling 24/7 after rotor cuff surgery three weeks ago. No real pain from surgery but loads of stiffness, pain and discomfort from wearing the sling. Vanessa loosened off the knots and other problem areas. I couldn't believe how quickly I felt the improvement. She explained the whole process to me and gave me advice on how to prevent it in the future. Going back next week for a follow up. Marvellous result today. Highly recommended!! Thanks Vanessa.

Jane McTaggart

Damaged my shoulder mid December as a result of over extending behind me and lifting a heavy bag. Eventually went to docs who basically said to put up with it. Simple things like putting my jacket on were agony. A friend recommended Therapy Zone so I thought I had nothing to lose. Vanessa was so helpful, explaining everything she was doing and made me feel at ease. After the treatment I couldn't believe the difference. I previously couldn't lift my arm up far but now I am able to. Wish I had visited Vanessa sooner !!

Louise McEwan

After constant back pain due to work and sports related injuries I decided to give. Vanessa a try. After first consultation I knew she knew her stuff as my back was instantly better. I now go once a month for a mot. Not only this she gives you the education behind your pain and gives you exercises to combat the affected areas at home. Awesome and will keep returning

Brian Gilbert

Very professional and explained everything she was going to do. Really puts you at ease. Ongoing treatment but can feel a difference in painful knee already.

Kate Wood

After suffering with knotted and painful back and shoulders I paid Vanessa a visit hoping that she would be able to help. After the initial consultation, Vanessa was able to provide an in depth review and offer recommendations on posture and exercises to complete at home. I have found that the pain is now much less than before.

Jamie Moss

Visited today with lower back pain due to strain and hormone changes from my recent pregnancy, birth and nursing. Really struggled to move around freely without pain and after my first appointment the pain has dramatically reduced and I can move much more. I was given a detailed explanation of my injury and instructions of how to help/manage this at home. I would highly recommend this clinic and will defo be back for a follow up consultation with Vanessa.

Kayley Dunion

Visited after a car crash in June, continued back pain which was getting worse. Took the time to find exactly what the problem was and where, helped me huge amounts, and gave me tips and tools to try at home! Very friendly and felt comfortable and very relaxed !!!

Emma Louise Currie

What can I say after two visits I couldn’t believe how my pain had gone would certainly recommend if in future my back goes again I will be back .

Isabella Carmichael

I was treated for long term plantar fascilitis and tight calf muscle. Vanessa identified the causes of my problems and as well as manipulating the problem areas she gave me stretches to do. I was very impressed with the treatment I received.

Martin Cook

After being in pain for months,  one visit on Thursday sorted me out,  totally recommend here

Marie Smith

I've been suffering from hip and knee injuries from repetative work strain,, one visit to this place was all I needed,, wish I,d done it ages ago.

John Kerr

Sports Injury inspired me to help Wee County residents

The pain Endured as a young athlete has driven an Alloa woman to help others through her business which recently opened in town...........

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